The Pacific Tourism Development Pilot (Yumi Tourism Partners)

The Pacific Tourism Development Pilot (marketed as YuMi Tourism Partners) is a unique partnership between Carnival Australia and The Difference Incubator. The pilot aims to drive local business, jobs and economic growth in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea through a shared value approach with the private sector.

The project is identifying and accelerating potential new tourism businesses and accrediting them as tour providers to the Carnival Australia. The pilot commenced June in 2017 and has received approximately $1 million from DFAT’s innovationXchange. Carnival Australia are contributing more than $200,000 (including in-kind support) for the project.

The YuMi Tourism Partners initiative recently won the 'Shared value project by an organisation or collaboration' award at the 2018 Shared Value Awards.


YuMi Tourism Partners at the 2018 Shared Value Awards (L to R): Sally Truong (DFAT), Anthea Smits (TDi), Sandy Olsen (Carnival Australia) with Peter Yates AM (Chairman, Shared Value Project).

Why is this important?

The benefits of partnerships such as these is that they can extend the conisderations of business beyond profit profit-making, to progressing development outcomes. This can be as straight forward as the creation of local jobs for vulnerable or unskilled workers and creation of supply chains. Designed well, it can also reveal and create new opportunities for gender equality, education, health, financial inclusion, environmental sustainability, and other areas of societal need.

The intersection of the goals of profit and development is known as ‘shared value’.

There is a strong link between shared value and innovation, because the nature of the shared value equation provokes new ways of thinking to achieve desired outcomes.

What has been achieved?

  •  19 tourism business in Port Vila and Santo have been accelerated- of these nearly half (45%) are led by women.
  • 4 business have secured contacts with Carnival Australia – another 4-6 business expect to secure contracts in the next 6-12 months. These agreements will total $1.4million.
  • Approximately 50 jobs have been generated.

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