GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator

Supporting mobile solutions for development outcomes to the Indo-Pacific

The GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund provides selected local start-ups in developing countries in Africa and the Asia Pacific with grant funding, technical assistance, and the opportunity to partner with mobile operators in their markets to help scale their products and services into sustainable businesses to drive socioeconomic impact.

DFAT is partnering with GSMA Mobile for Development and the UK's Department for International Development to support start-ups using mobile technology to deliver development impact in the Indo-Pacific.

Indo-Pacific Focus

DFAT is contributing $5.6 million to the Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund over four years, with a focus on developing mobile solutions for development in the Indo-Pacific.

Indo-Pacific GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund Grantees

Round 2:

  • eFishery– IoT-based smart fish-feeding machines for commercial aquaculture in Indonesia (partnered with Telkomsel), impacting SDGs 2 and 14
  • Field Buzz– mobile software to manage last-mile distribution and operations efficiently in Bangladesh (partnered with Grameenphone), impacting SDGs 8 and 9
  • Joonaak– delivery service providing logistics for micro and small e-commerce businesses in Cambodia (partnered with Smart Axiata), impacting SDGs 8 and 10
  • Karzo– anonline logistics platform providing delivery for businesses and individuals in Myanmar (partnered with Telenor), impacting SDGs 8 and 9
  • New Day– low-income jobs platform providing job matching, skills training and employer transparency in Myanmar, impacting SDGs 8 and 10
  • Sehat Kahani– mobile health services provided by female doctors to marginalised populations through telehealth in Pakistan (partnered with Jazz), impacting SDGs 3 and 5

Round 3

Round 2 Impact as of June 2020
Round 3 Impact as of June 2020

Lessons learnt from Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund

  1. Build trust with your target market
  2. Get to know your users thoroughly by conducting continuous user research
  3. Improve your product continuously and factor in technical risks early
  4. Combine tech with touch – offline grassroots community engagement matters
  5. Nurture your Mobile Network Operator partnership
  6. Empowering women is good for business
  7. Build your pricing and business model on customer feedback

See full story at GSMA’s blog: Driving the adoption of tech solutions across Asia-Pacific – Part 1

  1. Develop a relationship with local government
  2. Educate users and foster behavioural change
  3. Encourage women to use your service
  4. Cultivate your MNO partnership

    See full story at GSMA’s blog: Driving the adoption of tech solutions across Asia-Pacific – Part 2

    Seedstars 2019 in the Pacific

    As part of the GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator, Seedstars, in partnership with the GSMA, ran three events in the Asia Pacific region. These were aimed at fostering innovation by bringing start-ups from Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Samoa together, for some tailored training, support and to enable them to enter pitch competitions. The winner of each went through to the regional summit to compete there with various others in the ecosystem. We documented the journey of these start-ups, from local to regional and their experiences along the way.