ASEAN-AUSTRALIA Smart Cities Initiative

With cities in Southeast Asia rapidly expanding, Australia is helping ASEAN to create cities that are smart and sustainable.

Why is Australia supporting the development of smart cities in ASEAN?

By 2030, an additional 90 million people will be living in cities across Southeast Asia.

This rate of urbanisation is unprecedented and brings challenges but it can also create many opportunities. History has shown that when cities grow, so does productivity and prosperity.

To harness these opportunities, cities need smart planning, innovative solutions and good governance.


What is Australia doing to help?

Australia is working with ASEAN to create cities that are smart and sustainable. Over five years, Australia will provide education, training, technical assistance and support for innovation.

This will build on ASEAN’S own efforts to create a community that is competitive, resilient and well connected.

Why is Australia well placed to do this?

Australia has some of the most liveable cities in the world. We have the policy knowledge and experience to share with the region as well as world-class expertise in sectors such as:

  • green infrastructure
  • water governance
  • renewable energy
  • innovative technologies
  • data analytics

What will this initiative achieve?

Australia has a proud history of working with ASEAN to support regional development. This initiative will strengthen our relationship with ASEAN and its member states. It will support economic growth in Southeast Asia and will contribute to a more prosperous, stable and resilient region.


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