Innovation Resource Facility

What is the Innovation Resource Facility?

DFAT has established an Innovation Resource Facility (IRF) to provide Australian Aid with efficient access to high quality technical advisory services in frontier fields of aid and development. The IRF has been designed to provide access, more broadly, to non-aid-related innovation skills to enhance DFAT and other Commonwealth Government departments’ innovation capabilities.

DT Global Australia Pty Ltd has been contracted by DFAT to manage the IRF.

Who can use the Innovation Resource Facility?

Anyone in DFAT or another Australian Government Department can use the facility.

How does the Innovation Resource Facility work?

To use the IRF team, simply email your request to the IRF, telling them what type of service you need and some details to help them seek a solution for you. The IRF team will assist you to shape your request to ensure the best solution is achieved. Depending on the service/s sought, it could be free (such as a help desk enquiry) or the IRF team will respond quickly with options for your consideration.

What sort of technical support does the IRF provide?

  • A help desk to provide rapid response advice on an innovation-related query.

  • Access to world-leading technical expertise across almost all technical domains and in facilitating creative thinking services to address complex problems.

  • Enhanced knowledge management solutions to support sharing and learning.

  • The identification, management and deployment of targeted advisory support (short or long term), such as human-centred design specialists to support program designs.

Where can I find further information?

Please contact:

Paul O’Neill (IRF Director): or